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Manual chiropractic therapy including manual manipulation (also known as adjustments) is the gold standard for treatment of musculoskeletal conditions and injuries such as mechanical back pain, whiplash, many types of headaches, hip and sacroiliac joint pain.

A chiropractor may decide to utilize manual manipulation when there are restrictions around joints that the body is unable to overcome itself. Barriers that may restrict normal joint motion include muscle spasm, swelling, scar tissue, and pain.

Manual manipulation very effectively helps relieve pain as well as restore and maintain normal movement, biomechanics and function. The controlled manual force of the manipulation (adjustment) safely generates the motion necessary to overcome such restriction, and restores a joint's normal, full ROM and helps relieve pain.


Manual mobilization is another version of chiropractic manual therapy that consists of repeated, slow manual force by the chiropractor’s hands to the joint(s) that is/are restricted from normal range of motion. Restriction can be a result of pain, swelling, scar tissue etc. Manual mobilization is often utilized for any joint dysfunction such as at the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow, wrist and of course the spine to help restore normal motion/mechanics. Often manual mobilization and manipulation are combined in therapy to help compliment each others benefit along with other manual therapies to produce fantastic results for the patient.


Active Release Technique is a manual (hands on) treatment that allows the chiropractor to diagnose and treat soft tissue injuries such as RSI’s, whiplash, tendonitis, bursitis, headaches, joint dysfunction, sports injuries etc. ART is very popular and successful especially when combined with other manual and exercise therapies. Most patients will experience rapid recovery with ART therapy.