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Below is a list of exercises you can do at home.

Shoulder Exercises

Mobility - Pendulum
Mobility - Table Wipes
Mobility - Broomstick mobility
Mobility - Scapular mobility
Mobility - Trapezius Relaxation Exercise
Stretch - Towel Assisted Stretch
Stretch - Sleeper Stretch
Stretch - Posterior Shoulder Stretch
Stretch - Pectoral Stretch
Isometric shoulder exercises
Strength - Internal Rotation
Strength - External Rotation
Strength - Low Row
Strength - Serratus Punch
Strength - Push Up Plus
Strength - Straight Arm Pull Down
Strength - Front Raises
Strength - Eccentric Full Can
Strength - Eccentric External Rotation
Advanced - Field Goal
Advanced - Modified Empty Can
Advanced - Standing Three-Way
Advanced - Subscapularis Pull

Neck Exercises

Mobility - Neck rotation sitting
Mobility - Neck extension sitting
Mobility - Assisted lateral flexion sitting
Mobility - Assisted neck flexion sitting
Mobility - Multiple neck mobility exercises
Neck motor control
Strengthening neck retraction (sitting)
Strengthening neck retraction (supine)
Isometric strengthening in flexion (standing)
Isometric strengthening in extension (standing)
Retraction flexion supine
Neck extension supine
Retraction rotation supine
Isometric extension strengthening with rubber band
Isometric flexion strengthening with rubber band
Neck extensor strengthening
Additional neck strengthening exercises
Postural correction
Neck extensor stretching
Stretching in neck lateral flexion and rotation (SCM)
Pectoral stretching
Rhomboid stretching
Trapezius stretching
Triceps muscle stretch
Multiple scapular motor control exercises
Scapular retraction (sitting)
Scapular retraction with weights (inclined position)
Shoulder abduction (standing)*
Biceps strengthening (standing)*
Alternative shoulder elevation (sitting)*
Pectorals strengthening (supine)*
Shoulder flexion (supine)*
Front raise shoulder flexors strengthening (standing)*

Low Back Exercises

Knee to chest stretching
Child's pose/Prayer stretch
Cat stretch
Spinal rotation
Quadriceps stretch
Figure 4 stretching
Hip flexor stretching
Hamstring stretch
Pelvic tilts
Multifidi activation
Transverse abdominis activation
Supine bridge
Side plank
Modified curl-up

Yoga Exercises

Downward Dog
Warrior 2
Pyramid Pose