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We are re-opening! (cont'd)

The next time you come in for an appointment, our clinic is going to look a little different:

Appointments: We are contacting patients who had their appointments cancelled in March and April due to the COVID-19 Pandemic to arrange a re-scheduled appointment. If you'd like to book an appointment and we haven't contacted you, please call us at 519-332-4222. Online booking is also available and the link is on our website. We understand things happen and schedules change, so please, if you have to cancel an appointment, call us 24 hours ahead. Thank you.

Patient Screening: You will be asked a series of screening questions when you call the office and when you arrive for your appointment.

Physical Distancing: Please wait in your vehicle or outside the front door when you arrive for your appointment. We will wave you in when it is time for your appointment. You are welcome to call the office (519-332-4222) if you are uncertain once you arrive. We are asking that you come into the office without guests (we understand there are exceptions such as with young or elderly patients).

PPE: Please wear your own mask and bring a pen. Our staff will be wearing a mask and I will be wearing a mask and gloves (if necessary).

Sanitation: We will be meticulously cleaning and disinfecting all touch surfaces with hospital-grade disinfectant such as treatment tables, front desk, doors, door handles, bathroom, walls, debit/credit machine etc. Your treatment room will have been sanitized and unused for at least 20 minutes before you.  All reception room chairs have been removed and a plexiglass protective barrier has been installed at the front desk.

Payment: Please pay for each treatment with tap or swipe credit/debit card or by direct billing. Statements will be emailed when requested.

I am EXTREMELY excited to announce some new features and services have been added to our practice that will significantly improve the quality and safety of care and your overall experience as we manage and support your health care needs:

Virtual Care: The Ontario Ministry of Health is strongly encouraging clinics to offer virtual care/telemedicine as an adjunct/option. This will be offered and reinforce social distancing and convenience. It is extremely easy to register, there are no extra fees, most insurance companies re-imburse and research indicates virtual care compliments in-person care nicely. For example, the initial forms and history taking during a new patient visit can be completed virtually in your own home: we will email the digitized forms, the patient completes and emails them back to us and we meet virtually, over a secure medical platform (Mediseen) and I will complete the questions and history taking like I would in-person. Seems difficult and tedious but it really will be a better model once we adapt. Finally, of course virtual care is optional!

Group Therapy: Online (and eventually in-person) small group exercise and education 6 week classes for knee and hip arthritis (GLA:D Program) and lumbar spinal stenosis will be available. Research shows small group focused exercise and education for specific conditions are very effective at reducing pain, improving mobility and maintaining compliance.

Specific Injury/Condition Rehabilitation Programs: I have developed very specific rehab programs/treatment plans based on the latest research for back pain, neck pain, hip, hamstring, rotator cuff and Achilles tendonitis. These programs are typically 4-6 weeks in duration and I anticipate excellent results.

motus Running Club: Lets shake off the post-COVID 'rust'! I'll meet with a small group (based on current physical distancing rules) once/week with a running expert guest to discuss briefly a popular running/wellness topic (i.e. shoes, running mechanics, training methods etc.) and then we'll go for a run.  It might be 1, 2, 3, 5 km. It is your choice. We're here to support your fitness and wellness goals. All abilities and ages welcome.

I'm hoping to begin in early summer. I'm thinking 4:00 or 5:00 pm on Wednesdays but I am open to suggestions. Please inform Martha by calling the office or email us if you are interested. 

For more information, please check out our website  and/or our Facebook or Google page.

Thank you for your patience over the past couple of months. I am really looking forward to seeing everyone again and helping and supporting you with your health care needs.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Erin A. White